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About David Doyle


David is a Belfast based web developer and digital marketer with over 18 years of professional experience working in the web industry in Northern Ireland.

David built his first website way back in 1994 and ever since he has had an ambition to build websites for his career. His career in the web industry began professionally in 1996 when he got his first web based job working for a company called Magnett where he improved his skills in front-end web development.

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In 2001 David began a new job for a video centric web based company called StreamOn. Here David was involved in the creation of video based websites and online products, over the course of the next 10 years at StreamOn David developed new skills in the creating of video for the web and further developed his skills in front-end web development to a high degree of expertise in HTML/CSS/JS.

In later years David worked for various companies which enabled him to increase his skills base including digital signage, web server administraion and digital marketing.

In his spare time David enjoys photography, particularly photographing the beautiful landscapes in Northern Ireland while he hikes.

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